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Sunday, May 30, 2010

PKRC (4/9/10-4/11/10)

WOW - what an incredible weekend (as usual)! My son (Logan), daughter (Calli) and I volunteer every year at a wonderful place called Peaceable Kingdom Retreat for Children. PKRC is a camp for children with disabilities. This was our sixth year to participate. We started way-back-when as a one time volunteer opportunity with our cub scout group. My assistant den leader (at the time) and good friend Amy, takes several groups out there each year. She is a hand therapist at Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas, she works with children who have lost or is born with a hand/arm difference.

We (there's four of us - Amy L, Amy W, Mieka and myself) organize a group of friends and family who go out and volunteer our time for one weekend each year to make the camp a brighter, better place for these wonderful children. We do things like clean, organize, weed, paint, plant, build, and the list goes on and on - lol! I am in charge of the meals for our group of 50-70 people (varies each year) for the weekend. It is a lot of work, but a lot of fun too! We also get to use there facilities while we are there, which include a movie theatre, miniature golf, hiking trails, ropes course, rock wall and zip line. You know the saying 'All work and no play'...

We close our weekend every year with a wonderful chapel service (THANKS RANDY!) and group picture.

OH!!!! I almost forgot (NOT!)... I also got the call for my first interview with Campaigners-ASM on Saturday for the part-time PC demonstrator position. I have a second interview on Monday. Wish me luck!

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  1. Love that you do this!! I want to do this with you next year! Ok... I want to do it because it is a great cause... but a little bit of me just wants to see YOU organizing meals for that many people!! LOL! Luv ya girlie!