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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Great American Scrapbook Convention

Tammy, Myrel and I met at the Arlington Convention Center early afternoon and checked into the hotel before heading over to the show. Myrel is working for The Scrap Rack over the next couple of days and was kind enough to invite Tammy and I to stay with her for the night. THANKS Myrel! We had a blast hanging together and shopping all day. So much to see and buy!!!

OMGypsy! Did I mention that after the show we had dinner with Tim Holtz??? Okay... well, not so much with him, but at the same restaurant and at the table next to his. We did however have a great and fun time with him and his group. Tammy tried to sneak a picture of me with Tim sitting just behind me, but Tim went and ruined it by giving a big-ole wave just as she took the picture - lol! There was a lot of interaction between our table and theirs. At one point, Ted (one of Tim's crew) came over and sat to chat with us. Before leaving Tim was gracious enough to strike a pose with us.

What a great ending to a great day!!!

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