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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Provocraft Demo Army - Chicago Training

4/23/10 - Friday
OMGypsy, what a fun day! I flew to Chicago with BFF Tammy and gal-pal Myrel. After grabbing our bags, we walked through the terminal and arrived at our hotel... YEP, that's right we never left the airport. lol

The ASM meet-and-greet that night was great! We went around to different 'stations' where we received out polo shirt, name tag, training manual and Gypsy... YEP, you heard me right - Gypsy. Afterward, we had gourmet pizza and salad. YUMMY!

04/24/10 - Saturday
Training started bright and early the next day. We were given a little back ground on ASM and Provocraft. We met some really great people - a big shout out to Virginia, Becky and David with ASM and Christy, Tonia and Ryan with Provocraft. We were trained on all the Provocraft machines; focusing on the Expression, Gypsy and Cake.

04/25/10 - Sunday
After another full day of training, ASM treated us to dinner at Gino's East of Chicago pizzeria. Gino's was a really cool restaurant with really good food and other than my run in with the restaurants pet wasp, we had a great time! Yes, you heard me right... wasp. Not five minutes after sitting down to eat I was stung by a wasp that had been hanging out under our table. Lucky I was not allergic! On the bright side, I received a free adult beverage to numb the pain. :-)

It was so funny too... we had found a booth off on it's own and with everyone coming by to check on me after being stung by the wasp, one of the gals made a comment that we looked like the mafia sitting there - the Cricut Mafia that is, Texas chapter. LOL

04/26/10 - Monday
It's our last day of training. After getting up and checking out, we headed off for our last few hours of training. We have received so much great info over the past couple of days. We were treated like royalty, the accommodations were great, the food was great and the company was great.

What a great opportunity! THANKS Provocraft and ASM!!!

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